Need a Simple" Lime" logo

Hi Blender gods,

I came across blender in the past and think its superb but I just don’t have the skills and time to make a really logo of a lime for my friends fruit and veg shop.
Everyone does apples and banana’s so he wants a lime!

This is going to be a simple job. we need a single lime logo in 3 sizes
He is going to have a website so wants a small logo…300 x 50 or 300 x75
He is going to have a logo on his van so need a medium logo. Maybe 1000 x 800
He wants a large one as well to fit a banner if he gets successful and gets a larger premises maybe 2000 x 1500

We can pay upto £50 or $85, I would be willing to pay half upfront to a experienced artist who has a lot of history on this site. will pay via paypal directly.

I would want the lime to be similar to my avatar or attached here
Any questions feel free



Here’s my website if you like what I do I’ll do this job :slight_smile:

Hello Crazedscotsman,

I’m potentially interested in this job. I went ahead and modeled a simple lime for the practice. If you are interested let me know. If not, no problem, I’ll just hold on to it and use it in a future project of my own.

Image removed.

Here’s your Logo :slight_smile:

Im messing around a bit, and realizing the res its more of a banner type, are you looking for there to be any text on it as well? if so what? or maybe your looking for more of a template and are planning on putting words yourself? just curious =)

Hopefully your still looking, and if so here are a few ideas i played around with for the lime part of the logo, tried to keep the theme with whites/grays in the back, and then the overall circular shape. Let me know if any perk your interest :slight_smile:

For your interest,

Regards, Theuns

PS, Obviously for larger printing you would need a hi-res image, but if you needed something in the meantime you are welcome to use this for free.

pm sent…


To the various respondents to this thread who are including images/proposals for logos: it might benefit your more to respond via email or PM with a quote and a link to your portfolio rather than a finished piece of art. Otherwise, you’re essentially doing work for free.

pm sent…


Yeah, I had in the back of my mind that posting the image was not the best idea. Sigh…

Can you recommend any free websites for posting portfolios online?

hear, hear! Stop doing spec work people, it’s bad for everyone!!

I like free things -.-

I am interested in this project. Do you want it to be cartoon-style or realistic? I am capable of both.

Still looking for limes? Here’s one I did a while back for another web company:

Here is my finished sample. If you like it, please respond to this, or PM me! I can modify it any way you want. I would love to have your feedback!

I think this is what you wanted, like your avatar, but in 3d! I can do more effects and I can polish it like you want. So please tell me what you think, I am interested to do the job for you! :smiley:


Check this one it’s maybe better!

Hey I made another one, thats the third concept! :smiley:

Hello, hope this sample seems like what you are looking for: