Need a skilled character modeller for a Oculus Rift horror game project.

Hello! I’ve started a game project and would appreciate if someone could make a textured and rigged character which looks similar to this:

I’m creating a horror game so a creative way of making it more scary is greatly appreciated.
I would like it as an FBX file ready to be used with Unreal Engine 4.
For more information and payment offers PM me.

Reference images are ridiculous for 3d artists :smiley: How much verts do you expect per one file?

I greatly apologize for the crappy thread but I wrote everything in a extreme hurry, I just quickly googled “Male hood shadow” or something like that to show me a very simplistic version of what was going on in my mind, however:
What I am trying to achieve is a medium-low poly character model of a scarier version of a male with a hood jacket/shirt thingy. It’s too late for me to be able to give you a better example image but I hope you understand what I’m trying to achieve and are creative enough to perform it (Male with a hoodie, scary textures and things, dark shadows in face).

Sent you a PM.

I’m not sure what ArasTM was talking about or if he was joking or what but I found the reference images fitting for the post so no need to feel bad about it.