Need a steady workflow to extrude & "bulge" from provided vectors


Brand new at 3D rendering coming from several years 2D illustrating. I’ve been warming up to Blender alongside SketchUp & Fusion 360 to accomplish a specific set of work.

Need a workflow or basic understanding for modeling that will give smooth, rounded dimension to flat shapes on outward faces.

In the file there’s 2mm extruded curves derived from an SVG exported from the original PDF.

Alien Octo.blend (1.0 MB)

The goals are initially to show the item, then from an .stl file export have a mold made to produce PVC emblems.

Thanks for looking!

I’m not sure what you mean by “smooth, rounded dimension to flat shapes on outward faces.” I’m guessing, based on the flower image you posted, that you’re asking how to create that shallow grey outline for the curves in your Alien Octo blend file?

Nope, apologies if i haven’t been clear. The pink petals are puffed out just slightly, a little hard to see perhaps due to the effect being very slight and subtle as well as lacking edges other than what’s obscured nested among adjacent shapes. I need the subject’s head, eyes & tentacles to do that.

First thought was bevel but this isn’t what you want.
Hmm, blenders roots are more from a box modelling approach anyway you might consider using curves as a base to make clean meshes like:

which colud be manipulated easier (maybe thsi si even a case for geometry nodes)
Of course you have to (re-)model the stylized suction cups… (they mau be added by selected faces and instancing… but that’s another story)

On the other hand a simple convert to mesh, mesh merge by distance, select similar as upper normal, face beautffy, select inner edges (along tentecal), subdivide, select less untill only middle edge along tenticle, proportianl editing, move along Z… works surprisingly well…

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