Need a stylized 3d model of a boat

Hi, I need a stylized 3d model of a boat to replace a stock model Ive been using in a demo animation

hoping to pay $75 for the boat model or $125 for a fully modeled ship with some indoor rooms also.

Style needs to match the rest of the video which has custom assets

please email me at [email protected]

Hello, I have read your job description and am ready and capable to the project for you. Please provide me the opportunity to work for you in your project. I am willing to do the project with entire room for just 90$. Some sample works of my modelling has been sent to you via email. I can send some animation videos if you want.
Thank you.

PM Sent
Mail Sent
Please Check
[email protected]

hello i have sent you a email, please check it out!

Didn’t pay me full amount which was agreed

Dear @bartv ! Please look into the issue!
With increased Corona fear, people have to work remotely! Freelancing!
And if we get cheated for the hardwork done, that’s painful!

Hope to get back to our normal lives soon!
Stay home! Stay safe! Wash hands! Maintain distance!

I’m very sorry to hear this, but Blender Artists is not a party in these transactions. That said, @etertay can you please clarify why you didn’t pay the full amount?

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HI, i think it will be useful to have a thread whereby artists can express/share there experience with the jobs offered on blender artists,
and also it will be nice to see a respond feed back from the job advertiser
to confirm that he had got someone doing the work and not needing it anymore. Very few of the offers find time to thank and update.

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Thanks for your response @bartv!

probably the guy fled away from this site as well, after paying partial amount he shut me down on discord and fiverr platform since payment method was not available and partially paid me. Really clever he was.

Don’t worry buddy! You don’t lose hope! Think it as a great experience and continue your journey!
Who knows? One day you’ll get a very big project! Never stop learning!
Be safe! Wash hands! Stay home!

Thanks for your cheerful words. Be safe man, and I certainly can’t stop washing hands. :slight_smile:

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