Need a town?

For the next few months I will be making low poly buildings for games (and movies) Since these are all UV textured they are very low poly and can be used for alot or things. Call them ready made buildings. The need came from me needing low poly buildings for the crosswalk project and I thought, maybe it would be nice if there were a library of buildings that you could just pop in a scene to fill the empty void in the back ground. I will be doing groups of Themes. They are as follows…(Also soon to be posted will be all the buildings from the crosswalk project)

  • Midevil
  • Country
  • Innercity
  • Suburbs
  • Sci-FiI will post the blend for each Theme as I finish them. Here is a sneak peak of the first installment. There will be about 6 more to this collection.

Here is the Wizards keep…

One more after this one for today…
Here are links for the City Buildings I will be making.

Nice I love your level and building work:D

Very good model work you’ve produced there.

hey enricqolonias(sorry if i spelled wrong) you should make a tutorial for texturing and modeling and all that…all your stuff is such high quility:D

Perhaps one day :wink: I have a full plate right now. I am here in this game forum everyday if you have a question.

Lol ya you’ve been doing quiet a bit like that aztec escape thing…that seems to be moving extremely fast lol:D…Can’t wait to see your sci-fi buildings:D

those buildings are awsome, especially the last one. This is the great idea. I’m also looking forward to Aztec - Escape from Volcano Island

Looks good! I like the church best. Simple, yet good.

New building coming soon…


how did I miss this thread…

Some nice stuff here 8)

The most recent post is really looking good…

I will be in the IRC in a few… just wanted to stop and say “Cool man” :slight_smile:

Well after seeing your cool buildings p00f, I had to bring my A-game :wink:

See you on irc then!

you don’t say how many faces wizards keep has:D…lol:D

:rolleyes::o FIxed:D;)

Cool:D they seem quiet low-poly…to me…lol…Wizards keep has less then I’d expect:D

Very nice! I like the amount of detail on your buildings, especially the vegetation on the walls of the wizard’s keep. I’m looking forward to the Sci-Fi buildings as well = )

blacksmith shop done :slight_smile: one more tonight before I go to bed

Cool, thanks!

the modeling is pretty basic but the texturing is pretty nice. Where did you get the textures from?

I dont really remember that well…it was in a 5 zip file texture pack on some guys website for making counter strike maps. There were all free so the website said. After looking close at them…I actually think I could try and duplicate how he made them in photoshop. I seem to be doing alot of texture stuff lately. I made 3 palm tree textures from photos…I will show these after I get them on a tree trunk.

Thanks for looking. I am almost done with this Theme. Then I will post it.

I did a little more work and I am adding a new building in the middle. Its going to be like a market type area.