Need a town?

Wow your so generouse! They will be open source so like they can be used in files as long as you are credited?

Na you dont have to. Everybody here knows I did them :P. Besides. I did not make those textures. I am making some new ones how ever that are 100% mine.

Nice if I use them I’d def. give you credit! You could win low poly contests.

it’s very good work. Please give the link for those texture.

> Enriqolonius
nice work !

I would make just one suggestion :

about your village map, try to insert some randomness in the orientation of the buildings and streets … small villages are build from the random topology of the terrain and previous constructions, and not on a brand new hyperstructured plan like urbanists make for big cities. In real “middle-age”/“old” constructions, even the houses and buildings are more “autoconstruction” style than architecturaly planned, and it get often not very geometric forms (nothing is straight).
as you’ve done the models with straight corners and perfect square factor, just turning them here and there can already give enoegh that “natural” feeling you’ll find in the streets of an antique city.

So when will you post the .blends?

Hehe…you would think I didnt take geography in college. lol. You are absolutly correct Olm-Z Now that I think of it, villages would grow from the center point out. not have a defined area for housing and commerce. I will mix it up a bit and see what happens.

-[KILLER]- I have a few more buildings I would like to finish. I also need to make the castle. So about 3 more weeks or so.

A small update. I decided that I will release two versions one with these textures and one with my own. I am making my own textures using those as a refrence. Here is a small low rez sample of them so far.

textures look great cept the dark shadow in the lower right hand corner of the window repeats to obviously when you have the two windows next to each other…

I would tone done the repitition of the two windows make them look slightly different by cloning bits of the window and shifting them around randomly to look unique and then blend it in by erasing the edges with a big soft brush works well for blending quickly and hiding seams.

Cool models and houses… now you need some city walls or something? 9.5 megs

Early walk through . WSDA keys with a weak mouse look I found. Enjoy!

It’s great, thanks for the resources.
The castle is a bit simple for my taste, but the town houses look great!! I really liked them.

Its still a WIP I have been working on this level for some time. The castle is only 50% complete.

I see, thanks!
By the way, there are some half naked guys here and there on the file. Also a biulding below the ground.

Haha oops. We will call those good accidents.

The images and stuff don’t load/show up on the first page worried look

edit: Downloaded your file … That’s simply amazing! Good work!

Yeah I was hosting those on that free upload serve polrix that does not exist anymore. Sorry I will try to fix them tonight.

Thanks! More to come soon.