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I am a graphic designer and I am looking for a tutor/coach in Blender. For beginning, I need someone to teach me how to create 3d text in different perspectives, reflections, shadows and different materials on that text. Then I wish to present my work in 3d (pages of magazines for example), like the PDF mockup ones. I am also interested in other basic modeling coaching. Once or twice a week for 1-3 hours.

What is the type of project? As described above.
Are you a company or individual? I am an individual.
What kind of designer are you looking for? Anyone with enough skill to show me this.
What is the deadline? No deadline.
What is the budget? I am hoping to find someone affordable. Please PM me with your offers.

Looking forward to your reply.



I can help out.
Please check PM.

Best Regards,
Sofia G

Hello I sent you a message please check it out, would be a pleasure to teach you about blender.
Regards Chris.

Hi. I can teach you anything you want to know and I charge little. My email:
[email protected]

In case you are still looking for some reason, you could check:

Hello and thank you for your message. I already have a few applicants. At this time (given that they can teach correctly teach me basics) I am interested in your hourly rate.

Thank you!

To prevent my other projects to be affected I have to calculate as shown on the website:
The first coaching is $15 per 40 minutes and after that $ 20 per 40 minutes.
It’s looks quite pricey, but if you want tailored one 2 one coaching and full attention, it might be something to consider. But there are very good free tutorials as well in case you can afford more time. And maybe some-one else is in the position to offer coaching in more interesting price-range.

I would love to help you with the simple knowledge you need to accomplish certain stuff.

Here’s my portfolio:
and for some modeling using texts converted to 2D viewed on top perspective

looking forward to hearing from you.

kind regards and cheers

ive been using blender for more than 5 years i used to teach people thought video calls as well how to use blender it went well ya need a good teacher message me
my artstation
my email [email protected]

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