Need a tutorial for carpet rug with loop, cut, carving, colors

I need a tutorial for making a carpet or Rug in Blender.
I have a 2D sketch in vector like eps, svg or a bitmap of course.
for better understanding pls see the sketch with Virus Artwork.

I am afraid i need a beginner tutorial, i did make a carpet with a tutorial but the blender version that
was used was to old.
If there are any questions pls do not hesitate to ask!
thx regards reinhard

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I can also pay a little for it …

I dont think there is a tutorial for that, but mainly it is particle/hair usage. The basic idea is too use particles and hair to create the look for the different parts, splited by vertex groups or controlled by textures, or both.

I attached an example.example.blend (752.2 KB)

any idea how to make loops [see my picture in first post] ?

How close to camera the result would be?
I think if it’s a close-up it can be done with hair particles.

If it’s more like medium shot - material with displacement.