Need a tutorial or some advice.


I would like to locate a tutorial or some advice on how to get the ball to bounce around the room and fall into the hole. I am not too adept at blender so be very explicit. Thanks

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Nice scene, to start with, a bit flat, maybe…

You want PHYSICS or you want to define ball path?

case 1 - Physics. You must have Creator 2.23 or Publisher 2.25, not the new
blender, Collision stuff is not there AFAIK.

Look in the Current List of Tutorial for the Game Engine. Expecially on IngeeBee site. Yopu can define the ball as an Actor, make it feel gravity, define elastic bounces and set it free…

… you’re NOT guaranteed that it would hit the hole, but it will be very believable… in the GAME ENGINE… making a movie out of it will be less easy :wink:

case 2 - Path.

Draw a bezier curve going from where the ball is to whhere you want it to be at the end. Parent ball to curve, in Anim buttons press CurvePath.

press ALT+A

have fun

(Of course it’s plenty of tuts out there in the abovementioned post)

Happy blending


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