Need a tutorial

Hi, I’m making a game a 2d game and

i have some problems

Can any one explain or send me a tutorial on how to record movements and use them in game engine.

Can any one tell me how to make a health bar, a Point bar, a Menu and when you win a level its changes level

And the last one is how to make the computer to control some models

I know this is a lot for asking but i hope all my questions will be awnsert.

What about the magical search button?

Record Movements: Try using IPO’s. Just select an object and Press “I” then select whatever property you want to manipulate. Select a New frame in the scene. Press I again for the same property. THen put logic bricks in for IPO.

Point Bar: FPS? What game is this? if it is then just place the image you want in front of the camera then parent the image to the camera.

Health Bar: QUICK GOOGLE SEARCH! Link - Serioudsly search b4 you ask.


Sorry, not to rip on you. but you do need to search first. Anyways I hope that stuff helps,

Happy Coding

thx man,

There’s a bunch of useful tutorials if you click on “resources” in my sig. I have used all of them at some time or another. The noob to pro is wonderful for… well… noobs… and I have included many other useful sites (blendenzos, tutorialsforblender3d, plantpersons, etc).