Need a uv wrap exactly 64 x 2 but how?

In the image below is a calibration image I am using to line up some texture sections in a doom3 mod level. The image represents 128 x 128. That is, if I make a plane 128 x 128 and exactly wrap it with this and export it to my level then it exactly matches a brush of the same size and texture.

Now I need some smaller sections. This one needs to be 64 x 2. I’ve roughly resized it but without any grid or size reference how can I make it exactly 64 x 2? Snap to grid is not working well here either and does not even remove the kinks from the vertical right line. Probably I’m using it wrongly.

Because your texture is exactly 128 X 128, it should be straightforward to fix.

In your 3D window, make sure your view is ortho and viewing your plane head-on.
Make sure you’re in edit mode.

While your 3D window is active, press U (uv unwrap), select Project from view (Bounds) to align the UV’s to the edges.

Now, in your UV/Image editor window, select both the vertices on the right side only.

Press G (grab), X (to limit movement to x) and key in -126, Press Enter.

Next Select the topmost vertices only. Press G, Y, -64, Press Enter.

You see, if you don’t have a texture assigned, the UV’s work in the range 0 to 1, but if you have a texture assigned to the mesh, all your UV editing in the UV/Image window work by pixel location instead. In your case 1 to 128 for X and Y.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, AF. I had to slightly modify your instructions because I probably misled in that the image is 128 x 128 units (meaning if I fit the texture onto the 128 x 128 plane it exactly fits 128 x 128 doom units to the same scale of the equivalent texture in the game.) The image is actually 512 x 512 pixels so I just multiplied your values by 4. It looks correct. I’ll try exporting it now but quietly confident it is how it should be.

Useful to know I can type values in direct! I had got an idea that was possible but I had been looking to click on something to type into! Didn’t realize you can just type in values in G and presumably S modes. Yeah! Just tried that on the plane itself in 3D view. Wish I’d known that for the last few weeks! I’ve been scaling and grabbing the hard way. That Project from view (Bounds) is also handy to know. I had been wondering how to do that so I could scale it to what I wanted - but moving one edge is better so I didn’t need to move it after. Thanks again.