Need a volunteer.

Hello! I have an animation that is 25948 frames long that I want to render but there’s just one more thing that needs doing to it. I need someone to create a camera pan around my animation that lasts for the whole duration. I don’t want the camera pan to be to slow though, like, maby 20s all the way around. And, I would also like someone to render my animation for me because my computer can’t handle it. If you would like to do this, please reply and I will send you the file. Thanks greatly for any responses.

Rndering info:
Samples - 1500
Quality - HD 720 or 1080p
File Type - H.264 (MP4)

ps: I would prefer it if the animation was rendered into pictures and then in the video editor, have all the pictures added as a strip and rendered that way but it really doesn’t matter. What ever suits you best :slight_smile:

Well… That is a very high sample.

rendering it as individual images is almost requirered… otherwise any simple error or crash will mess up everything… also you cant pause once you start it if you render it as a video.

for the camera, i can tell you how to do it, its really easy.

add an empty at the center of your scene
add a camera, and put it as far away as you would like it to be
parrent the camera to the empty
rotate the empty 360*

go into the graph, select everything, press T, and select linear.

quick tips, you can lower the samples, and animate the noice seed, and add a short motion blur. this will lower your render time, and give you basically the same resoult.
do so by going into the Rendering option panel, and click I on the “Seed” value. then go to the end of your timeline, and set the Seed value to 25948, and click I again.

By the way, do the motion blur afterwards in a different software. if you use blenders motion blur feature, then that will impact the rendering time quite a lot actually… so just render it, turn it into a video, and add motion blur with another software.