Need a website?

Hello everyone,

I’m Mr. Bomb’s brother and am a website designer. I do simple, clean, effective, and very quick work. I’m doing this to try and make a few extra dollars as I prepare to enter college and because I may pursue web design as a future career.

I normally charge by the hour, but can also do projects for a set price, which varies depending upon the amount of information and complexity of design.

For examples of my work you may visit or
I currently have other projects in progress that will soon be able to be used for example as well.

My email is [email protected] and my phone # is 620-200-2876. I’m available 90% of the time.


Cool sites, theyre verry well done. But i dont need a website right now. Sorry:(

Thanks for the compliment

Try not to post something like this as your first post, it makes it seem a bit spammy. Those sites look good though, I like the simplicity:)

Yeah, I’m aware of that, though it’s a little difficult not to when you’re not actually a Blender artist, just the brother of one:P