Need add on help, some modifiers not working, having trouble with UV saving.

I am relativley new to blender, I am planning to use the models I make in a game I am working on in FPSC. I have learned a lot in the last few months. Thanks to Igamerx’s tuts I have been working on one model after the other. I started with V 2.49 only because that is what he used in the tut. I have since been working in 2.61, however as the title of my post states I am having trouble getting some mods to work, mainly the Boolean. It is not in my user pref, however it is in the add modifier window. I have tried to solve the problem myself but most of the stuff I gfound online was confusing, and I am not too sure it applied to my situation. I am using Windows 7/64-bit intel.

As for the other issue I am having is actually more like two more issues. After I have textured my model in the UV editor in 2.49 I would then click the image button then consolidate image, I do not have this “consolidate image” option in 2.61. After that I would go to the UV button> UV Layout. I do not have the “scripts” option either.

Thank you for the help.