Need adive for a good laptop, mobile studio for blender!!!! :)

Okay what I need is a a nice laptop (gaming) with a powerfull Nvidia graphics card, ram. I7 quad core.
I need a good setup with a laptop, wacom drawing tablet etc. I just need my studio to be mobile.
I will be working as a freelancer, creating artwork, and rendering!
It would be nice to have a laptop that had upgradable parts, and a touch screen but it isnt a big deal.
Anyways i need somthing that wont break the bank, so what are some computers you recommend? And what other things you all would recommend for a mobil studio?

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Mobile devices usually follow the “3 P’s” - price, power, portability. You get to choose only two of those ie. you want power and portability, then its going to cost a limb or two. If you want something cheap and portable, it won’t be very powerful.

For what its worth, most laptops aren’t designed to be updated. Some are pretty much hermetically sealed to deal with environmental conditions.

As for specific models, well… you’ve already stated preferences. Start browsing the big vendors and the mid-range providers like Xi and Boxx, they all have pick-and-choose menus to get started with.

Hi, there is a thread with a Lenovo highend laptop, it is a german page but you can get it anywhere.

Cheers, mib

My employer purchased an Alienware 18 laptop with 2x 980m gpus. It renders faster than my workstation tower at work. It also cost $3600, and last I checked is no longer available. It features replaceable GPUs, but from what I have read, that is mostly theoretical. in practice, it is hundreds of dollars to get the replacement gpus, and there may or may not be bios support for whatever you plug into it.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased, but I certainly wouldn’t have purchased it with my own money.

use a site that will build a laptop to your specs and fit in your budget like