Need advice creating a model of a compact disc

I need to model a compact disc. I want to texture one side with the label and the other side with the obvious reflective metallic look. I wish I could give it that prism effect, but I’ll be happy just mapping the label texture right.

Does anyone have experience making a CD?

I started with Bezier circles and created the model. I don’t know if I can just texture both sides as it is, probably not.

here is a screenshot.

please help with a process by which you would make a CD. I want to do it right and I’m short on time.

Here is one suggestion (although there is probably a simpler way):

Assuming that your CD is basically a cylinder with sides, try going into edit mode and selecting only the side you want to texture your label to, then seperate them from your main mesh (press “p”). Then, apply your label to your seperated faces and make your CD part raytraced with reflections (you have v. 2.36, so you should be able to do that). Then, join the meshes back together. Your mesh should now have 2 materials assigned to it. Hope that helps.