[NEED ADVICE] low poly modelling workflow

I’m new to the Blender and so far I have probably usual love-hate relationship with Blender.
Appart from usual struggles with RMB selecting feature, I have question on how to efficiently, manipulate vertexes in low poly modeling.
So far I do:
1 shift a - to create cube
2 ctrl r - to ad some loops
3 b to select some points
4 g to move them to much reference image
5 go back to 3
Is there any better way? like can I select- move with one click? to make that aligning faster? What are your process?

Thank you for advices

You can set the RMB to LMB in the preferences unless you are starting to get used to it.

User Preferences -> Editing -> Transform: Release confirms

as for switching buttons, I’d rather have initial friction, it is the pain at first I’m getting used to it. Problem is that most of tutorials are based on the default settings. Thanks, I will try that!

@Felix_Kütt Thanks, I will try that!

You can also map border select to the right mouse button instead of the B key. Then use alt+RMB or something to place the 3D cursor. That’ll reduce your key presses by 1 and also give a useful function to the right mouse button.

Go to user preferences>input and search for border select. Then change these settings in the 3D view section: