Need advice, need resources

Are there any tutorials on doing hair and cloths. For the cloths I need help with design, I need references. For the hair, my hair looks terrible in my drawings. I have no concept of hair design or it’s form. I learned on cgtrader how to make stylized hair, but what are my options. Manga is not my target. I want low polygon.

I need help in a direction to take. Any books that can help me on these subjects. I need help with folds when doing cloths.

Find a picture online of someone wearing similar clothes to what you’re trying to replicate. Proceed by trying to copy the way the folds and wrinkles wrap around their body. is a great resource for this, but I’m sure you could use Google images as well.

As far as hair goes, I have no idea. Well I do, but seeing as I have yet to actually put what I’ve learned into practice, I can’t really say I know any more about modelling human hair than you do.