Need advice on a ballet project (leotard help)

okay first off your patient is

i have taken an mhx2 file from MakeHuman and stripped out the tights helper and the body (showing as purple and skintone in the blend)

i have also remapped the tights helper to make clothing making simpler but i have a few bits i need advice on

1 there is a bit in the front that pokes through (advice on fixing??)
2 in the back same general area i have landed up with a hole (best way to fix??)
3 i also need to cut the leg openings for a ballet style leotard bottom (and the only proper line is at least a row lower than i need)
4 i also need some style help (being an adult male that has next to no fashion sense)


1 QUADS ONLY (the counting of verts in the face shall be four three shall be counted only to proceed to four and five is right out)

2 minimum of new verts

3 styling should be rigged for the models age (hint MH has this as being a 5 year old)

4 any changing of the UV mapping should be limited to cleanup and adding new verts