Need advice on animation, sound sync and file size?

I just finished rendering this:

want to go back and wipe out the animation and start over.
the file size is 87m.
Was wondering if this is normal for a jpg animation? Is it the sound files or the particles that make this heavy? Can anyone point me to a really good tutorial on rendering and render settings?
Any other advice appreciated as well.
Tried to upload the blend file in case anyone wanted to look at it. But doens’t seem to work only uploads images. If you want to see the file please let me know & I’ll email.

Imagine one second in the sequence has 25 frames. In your case 25 jpeg frames with maybe a compression of 90%.
60sec*25 would be the total frame amount. And every jpg has a file size, depending on the resolution and compression.

This is just an easy description. But want i want to tell you, your size is not that big.

I always prefer rendering in a PNG Sequence and after that, using a software to encode this to a movie. So you have different option for the really final output and dont have to re-render your animation every time trying another codec.

Their a bunch of topics on the forum, just search for codec.

A movie for example youtube is prefered to compressed with a different codec (h264,webm, …) These codecs use different algorithm to decrease even more the file size.

… whereas I use OpenEXR and MultiLayer files, which maintain high numeric resolution throughout the entire process stem-to-stern. Yes, there’s a directory full of fairly large files, one per frame.

Then, as a final production step, you build a blend-file whose sole purpose is to generate a particular kind of “deliverable file,” in whatever video-format you wish. Here you make whatever format-specific adjustments may be required to make the movie, in that particular format, look “just the way you like it.” With my workflow, this is the one-and-only point at which compression and therefore information-loss takes place.

The advantage of the “file per frame” approach is that :ba: when, not if, :ba: the render pukes-out on the next-to-last frame, you simply pick up where you left off. Yes, the files are “large, sometimes quite large,” but, who cares?

Hello Folks, thanks for the info.
I was wondering about the size as I was not quite sure what a “normal” size would be. Maybe I was doing it really badly and everyone else brought in the same time of animation for a third of the size.
Currently I used jpg for this version, would most likely switch to png for a final version.
2. I always thought it wa 24 fps? Why 25?
3. I use h.264 I went off the tutorial on blenderguru and I believe cgBoorman for rendering info. (what is bit rate btw?)
4. For audio I used mp3…seems to work.