Need advice on creating interactive 3d with blender3D

hi everyone

I’ve just been getting my feet wet with Blender3D. But I can’t seem to find any really effective tutorials for creating interactive 3D with blender3d. The tutorials on cover most of the basics of modeling but the tutorials for interactive development are yet to be written. I would greatly appreciate any form of step by step tutorials to creating interactive content in blender3d :D.

I’m quite a newbie :smiley: to blender3d, but just want to know what I need to know to get an interactive 3d application up and running in blender3d and how to do it.:wink:

This is from the Game Engine Forum. You will need to scroll down to the tutorial section.

The Game Engine Forum is the best place to post questions regarding interactive 3D. Good Luck.

These tutorials look like they should give me a much needed start for working in Interactive 3d.

Thanks for the help :wink: