Need advice on fixing edges that didn't get beveled

I had beveled this design I’m working on to crease up the edges where needed. Unfortunately, this particular edge I’ve selected with the whole selected set didn’t get beveled. I tried selecting this edge individually and doing CTRL+B Bevel, playing with all the options, adding additional segments, but it just won’t bevel. This could be why it didn’t get beveled in the first place. I’m pretty new to hard surface modeling and grasping how to get proper topo flow so I don’t end up with weird pinching stuff or surface oddities.

So, I was wondering if someone could explain why it doesn’t bevel and maybe has advice on an effective way to fix edges that didn’t get beveled. Are there handy tools I can use for effectively tackling these sort of issues or do I have to go about this manually? Note that I have several other edges like this that I need to fix as well.

Here are some views with the edge selected.

Nevermind. Just decided I’m going to redo this design. Wasn’t happy with a part of the design anyways. I’m going to actually use the bevel modifier this time so that I can non-destructively make changes to the underlying design and see the results of the bevel modifier.