need advice on pc parts

im looking to build my own pc to replace this one(witch isant mine, owned by the school)

i want it all the parts to work out the box as much as possible with ubuntu Linux(or some other Linux dist)

i want the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, witch should help improve rendering times:D

somone on ubuntu forms sugested this
Intel 975X S775 Express ATX DDR2

cpu socet is corect but

Multi-Core SupportDual-Core

will it work with the quad?


Hardware FeaturesATI CrossFire technology support

will that affect blender performance?

i also have a post on ubuntu forms here

budget is about 700 pounds

hard drive sise dus not matter, whole file system(excluding os) fits on a dvd

want about 2/3 gig of ram

thank you for any advice:)

Hey man, I just got the parts for my pc today - I will be putting it all together tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it goes. I also got the q6600. The mobo I have for that is the gigagyte p35 ds3r. I will be running linux on it, so we’ll see how the compatibility is, though I think it’ll be ok. I think a better option than a 975 mobo would be an nvidia 650i sli, or the new p35 chipset as it runs better with quads i believe.

I would recommend going for at least an nvidia 7600gt as far as graphics go, or a 7900gs/gt if you can put the extra cash forward. The performance jump is a fair amount.

Are you going to be getting a monitor included in this system of yours? That will help determining what your actual budget is for parts. Also if you need a case and a power supply and keyboard and mouse etc.

You should probably be looking at a 450w or higher power supply for that quad. I would say go for 500w or better. I personally got a 600w just for security. It also has a nice modular cabling system. :smiley:

As for ram, go for corsair or ocz. ddr800 will be fine. CL4 timings also. If you can find ddr 1066 for a good price, then you can go for that. It might be worth it if you only go for 2 gigs. I got 4 gigs of corsair ddr 800 CL4 which will be more than enough :wink:

i will be geting the case/ psu/monitor/ ram etc as well, but to start off i want to find a decent cpu and mobo. was thinking of going 700 what or more psu incise i upgrade the graphics in the future

                                            Pretty hard to beat an Intel mobo, like the D975XBX, for compatibility with an Intel CPU.  I can think of two advantages:

(1) Intel makes their BIOS flash updates available for Linux, and (2) the integrated HDA sound system means you can skip the sound card purchase.

The disadvantage – the price is a little higher than the other choices …


dus the cpu come with a heat sink?

and can anyone recomend a good 22" monotor for under 200.

200 what? Dollar, Crowns, Euro? No. Cheap and good don’t go together.

pounds, goodish

You will want to get an aftermarket aircooler for that quad. I got the arctic cooling freezer 7 pro, but you can go a notch up and get the tuniq tower if you like. the acf7 is pretty cheap - 20 euros here. Make sure you get the f7 pro and not the freezer 64 pro - that’s for amd chips.

Also good 22" monitors are from lg or samsung, but they are around 300 euros afaik. The samsung 226bw is rather popular. That is 320 euro though. 20" is a fair bit cheaper.

You know of any well priced reliable shops in the uk?


ati is total rubbish in Linux!! (and with blender, and most openGL applications in general)

also dont worry too much about 64bit in linux, Linux is not ready for 64bit, more than likely you will be doing a 32bit linux install anyways.

linux developers just dont get the 64 bit concept yet!
They think for some reason, that you want to take your nice processor that stages between 32 and 64bit on the fly… and Cripple it to run either total 64 or 32 bit .

To make it run both at the same time you get to learn all about chroot, and creating a 32bit jail.

Anyway, There are places that build linux systems specially for you, just look around google and you might be able to find one close to you…

^ so should i look at a nvidia mobo?

this one ok with linux

Asus P5N32-E SLI Socket LGA775

The best mobo to get at this moment is one having either a p35 or a G33 chipset (I honestly don’t have any data about the nvidia chipsets) , the video card should be a Nvidia card…

For the 22"monitors the HP w2207 described here

Amongst others it is the best value for budget at the moment (and also sold out everywhere… go figure).

That looks like an awesome motherboard!

SLI will make so you can have 2 Graphics cards working at the same time to improve game preformance.
I am not sure if SLI runs in linux yet or not…
But if you like games, you will be dual booting into windows anyway, where I definately know SLI is supported.

Nvidia mobo’s are very nice, you get to install your sound,graphics,processor,lan,SATA, and motherboard with 1 simple Nforce installer in windows.

I built one a few months ago for a friend and it was very easy and nice :slight_smile:
No compatibility issues to worry about because everything was from Nvidia :smiley:

it will be exclusively running Linux.
i have little interest in playing games, but i am interested in making them, 3d artist on seadome project (link in sig) i’ve also been experimenting with irrlicht. would sli improve blenders performance?

any one use this cooler, is it any good?

It looks very similar to the arctic cooling freezer 7 pro, and is around the same price, but I haven’t heard of it, so it would still be better to go for the freezer 7 pro.

The 680i is a great mobo if you can afford it, though I’ve heard that the asus boards are not as good as the evga 680i. 650i is also a pretty good alternative if you really want sli. I’ve heard that sli can be trixky with blender, though, as it’s not really a fullscreen app. Dunno how it all works really. Otherwise if you don’t want sli I reckon the p35s are the best bet. They work really well with quads.

Hey man, I just got the parts for my pc today - I will be putting it all together tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it goes

did it go ok?

Ah yeah all seems good - the installation went great - though the fan housing of the freezer 7 pro touches the northbridge heatsink of the p35 ds3r, so had to be a bit careful when reattaching the fan after putting the heatsink on the cpu. However it does fit and the rest of the installation was all good. I have put Sabayon 64 bit on the system and it’s nice to see all 4 gigs of ram available. The quad is great, you can do so many things at the same time and the system doesn’t skip a beat. Also, when it’s idling the clock multiplier is reduced, and the cpu fan even shuts off and the cpu stays at 30 degrees celsius. I remember my athlon xp 2500+ would idle at 50 degrees with the fan full blast. Processors have come a long way in 3 years. Of course, under full load, that quad core is going to get warm, and I want to get a reliable temperature monitor for linux before I start doing any serious work with that cpu.

I have yet to compile blender 64 bit on Sabayon. That’s maybe a challenge I’ll take up tomorrow. It’s just that I don’t have the wireless card for the desktop yet, so anything dependent on the internet can’t be done for a couple of days yet. I’m also unfamiliar with Sabayon as it’s a source based distribution without a package manager. When I’ve got Blender compiled I’ll see what it can do. So far I’ve tested the system just by playing a couple games that come with Sabayon - Nexuiz mainly, though that uses the gfx card more than the cpu. Everything is stable.

Everything on the p35 board seems to be compatible - my sata was detected automatically and the install was pretty smooth and painless. Sound works well - both front and rear channels. No real problems so far - quite pleasantly surprised.

To clarify on the main parts of the build, and I think these fall into your price range, though you may want to drop it down to 2gb of ram to get it to 700 pounds:
CPU: Intel core2quad q6600 + arctic cooling freezer 7 pro
Mobo: Gigabyte p35 ds3r
Graphics Card: Xfx 7900gs
Memory: 4gb Corsair CMS2 CL4 ddr800
HD: 320gb Seagate sata 7200.10
Add to that the case and power supply, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and you should be able to get it all for 700 pounds. Although a 22" monitor will take you up a fair bit in price as opposed to a 20". I got a 20" because the price difference was 100 euro. It’s still pretty darn big by my standards.

I imagine your build will look something like that, unless you decide to go for sli, in which case you’ll pay more for a 680i, but a 650i is about the same price as a p35. But I really don’t know if there’s much point for sli in linux. Probably better to just go for a good single pcie p35 mobo. You don’t have to go for gigabyte though - you could go for asus. There are different types of p35 motherboards. Mine doesn’t have firewire for example, as I know I won’t use it. It does have a connection for external sata though, which is handy. When are you looking to buy your parts Hessiess, and are you planning on building the computer yourself?

As far as I know there isn’t much SLI support in Linux yet but once there is there could be some beautiful performance.:slight_smile:

As far as Blender goes I’ve always had better performance using NVIDIA cards rather then ATI cards. NVIDIA seems to have OpenGL support down pat.

i bought the sli mobo, support should improve, and its not something you can esaly add later

i got a fairly cheep nvidia card, i cannot afford a better one at the moment

after abit of sertching found this out, sli curentky works with the curent driver, but it dusent support multiple monotors

and are you planning on building the computer yourself?

yes, i was. i know how to in theory, but ive never actually put it into practice before. dad knows alot about computers, and programs in multiple languages, so he will be able to healp

I like to build computers! But all of them have sucked so far because I got old free parts from friends and neighbors. But this time I’m building it with new parts but I only have enough money for a couple of parts I want right now.

My advice to you: get the best computer parts.