Need advice on preparing vector file for import.

Regarding this logo taht I have as an Illustrator file:

Folks, I have a logo that I want to bring into Blender, but when I import the paths (svg file)there’s always something that doesn’t import properly.

In this case it may be the holes in the number “8” or letter “A”, a solid circular background, etc. I am constantly making changes to the illustrator document, saving SVGs, and importing again only to have other strange things happen.

I just want a vector image to import the way i want, without any guessing games.

So I am asking for advice on how to perceive and properly format an image in Illustrator (or Inkscape) to import it into Blender

Thanks folks.

Im not sure , i havnt done much work with logos - but i think it might, unfortunately, be easiest just to import the gif into blender and use beziers to draw the logo.

That said - i havnt had any experience with importing svgs, so i wouldnt know.

Good luck on your work!

btw, i thought illustrator had basic extrusion tools - you might be able to use them…