Need advice regarding 1080 TI performance vs 1080


Hi guy’s,

Just want to make sure i don’t buy that ripp off of epic proportion from nvidia with their 1080 TI currently selling for as much as 2000$ and the lowest price i found was 869$ for a Zotac mini.(price in Canadian money)

I found a 1080 at 2,123$ if you don’t believe me here the link ;

How much of a performance hit will i get between the 2 in Cycle or Eevee and is it really worth shelling twice the amount of money for the TI?

I did read reviews and look at benchmark but i would prefer real Blender users opinion on this.

I am mainly in the game development pipeline but could also use a cinematic or 2 for my game.

Any advice will be welcome since i want to make sure i am not going to throw my money at the window!

Edit; I even found more insanity on amazon on a 1080 TI for 7,432$ ;

(ajarosz) #2

First of all, not mini versions or FE straight from nVidia. Buy proper one from MSI, Gigabyte or Asus - better cooling - better performance and not so loud. Secondly, if you want to go for a performance, go for 1080Ti. It has like a 10% performance boost to 1080 and, what is more important to me, it has more VRAM, so you can render bigger scenes. With 900$ you should be just fine with getting one of 1080Ti like MSI GAMING GeFroce or ASUS ROG STRIX. But if you can wait, wait a bit longer for 2070 and 2080 test.

(Tomáš Luža) #3

Hey, I would go for used 1080ti those are in nice price tag already. I can get 1080ti with still 2 years warranty for like 600-700$ in my country.


Hi Ajarosz,

Thank for the tip and i didn’t know the mini was a bad card. For half the price of 1080 TI i can get a 1080 so for 10% more with the TI i think the price is way too high!

Will i really be able to notice that 10% in my renders or in anything else?


Hi Fallrini,

I also saw a few 1080 TI for 700$ here but i am afraid these cards came from the miners and were running 24/7!

Not sure i am willing to go this route.

(ajarosz) #6

10% performance boost is not that much you would say, but for example, when you have to render big pictures fro clients, and for 15 renders the difference is between 15 and 13,5 hours it is big. After few such jobs, you can count time in days… For me it is huge. And as I said - more VRAM - you can render bigger scenes (more geometry, better textures) withous chopping it to more renders.

(Tomáš Luža) #7

yeah that unfortunately is a nowadays risk but 1-2 years warranty should cover it, although I completely understand your concerns because I am having a same dilemma.


Just found a video that make it clearer regarding the difference in performance i can expect from both cards and all i can say is that it doesn’t justify paying twice the amount of money for a 1080 TI!

If a TI was just 20% higher in price it would be justify but not at 50% for a 10% performance increase.

I am not sure about the pertinence of the cuda cores yet for my use.


Agree that’s a shame that nvidia can charge these insane price even with the crypto death!

But a lot have to do with no competitors around since amd are out of the race and intel graphic card seem more like a joke than anything else!

(Tomáš Luža) #10

Agreed on that, I am mad at these NVIDIA GPU prices aswell, thank god for AMD being competitive atleast in CPU area.

(TiborNyers_BC) #11

The performance increase is around 35% on average.

The price of the Pascal dGPUs are crazy volatile now, shops have only a few left, you can luck into a great deal.


Hi Tibor,

It can even go as much as 40% in the gaming department but for 3d general workflow it’s only 10%.

The rumors that nvidia produce a massive amount of 1080 TI for the crypto seem to be true because these cards are price just like the 2080 and they want to have the same insane price they got while the crypto was booming!

The red team was not better since they completely ditch the gamer to produce cards for the miners and that’s exactly the reason i cease my loyalty to the red team.


Look at this article how convenient for nvidia!

They are putting the pressure so people fall to buy the 1080 TI at insane price!

(TiborNyers_BC) #14

Pure path tracing performance in Blender Cycles v2.79:
100% = GTX 1080

GTX 1080 Ti is
138% in bmw27
149% in classroom
141% in pabellon_barcelona
133% in fishy_cat
128% in koro
137% in barbershop_interior

In the next benchmark round I will include chart like these to further illustrate the performance difference of the GPUs.

(dgorsman) #15

Hmmm… not sure where you’re getting prices at. I’m seeing much less on new, in-stock (and yes - that is Canadian (tire) money). You should really shop around a bit.

Also, keep in mind that different people have different requirements. Just because you don’t feel a given cost is worth it doesn’t make it insane/gouging/etc.

(Grzesiek) #16

Official internal Blender testing gives you direct comparison, just click on legend to remove any device.


Well i went on newegg and and i also type in Google for best price and that was all the result i could get!

Like i already mention i wont go for a used card because of the miners.

(Grimm) #18

Another option might be a RTX 2070. I just got one and it’s works really well but not as fast as a 1080Ti. It is faster than a 1080 though and has 8 GBytes of vram. If the whole hype on the RT cores is true, than it should be 3 to 8 times faster with it enabled in Cycles, which would put it well beyond the speed of a 1080Ti.

I picked mine up from Newegg for $550 (MSI RTX 2070 Armor).


Hi Grimm,

That something i didn’t expect and the price seem right at least, thank for sharing!

(TiborNyers_BC) #20

According to the early benchmarks of VRay developers, I don’t think the performance increase will be more than 2x with RT cores enabled.

BTW, I provided numbers for every benchmark scene for Blender v2.79b, so the 10% increase of @polynut is clearly false (GTX 1080Ti vs GTX 1080). I would advise everyone to make a little research before posting numbers …