Need advice regarding 1080 TI performance vs 1080

(Grzesiek) #21

Agreend with TiborNyers_BC. Please do some research before false claims.

GTX 1080TI is about 40% faster then GTX 1080. Like TiborNyers_BC benchmarks show, and as official Blender internal tests show. (click on legend items to remove them from the chart)

Barbershop_interior bmw27 classrom fishy_cat koro pavillon_barcelona
GeForce GTX 1080 00:11:44 00:01:42 00:04:19 00:04:27 00:09:11 00:08:47
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 00:08:32 00:01:14 00:02:54 00:03:15 00:06:32 00:06:04
TI faster then non-ti 1.374785 1.371513 1.489635 1.369205 1.406053 1.449057


The 10% i mention was from the video i post not from me.

(TiborNyers_BC) #23

I can’t find the explicit percentage results in the video. If you calculated on your own, I think you got the math wrong.

The GTX 1080Ti has 132% of the GTX 1080 in the bmw27 scene and 138% in the blenderman scene. This speed-up falls in line with my results and with the official internal Blender testing.

(Grzesiek) #24

@polynut and @TiborNyers_BC.

We can agree that if 10% was mentioned in the video then it was factuallly incorrect. And lets not push that any furhter.

We can agree that on testing by blender institute it was between 35-45% depending on the scene.

As such we can conclude that if one can find good price for the 1080TI, it is a good product to get over the 1080.


Yes it is but not at the insane price like some are asking for it now and since they played the trick that they are running out of stock then expect the ti price to skyrocket in the coming weeks!

So in my opinion like one poster mention a rtx 2070 will become a good choice in such situation.

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I am actually pretty curious about RT cores pefromance boost. So there are still only presumptions about real % increase so far? Ah these GPU choices are pretty tedious these days I don’t want to “end up” with 1080ti only to realize I should have gone for 2070 since RT cores kicked in and bumped 2070 performance above 1080ti. I guess I’ll just wait a bit and see how things go.

(TiborNyers_BC) #27

It seems that the guys at VRay are releasing regular updates about the development of their implementation, so it’s our best guess. In one of the articles they go into detail how the uplift can vary by scene (ray triangle intersection vs shading). Worth a read. Octane devs also published some early numbers, but can’t find the source for that.


At this point there is 2 thing to keep in mind black friday deals or after holidays season deals!

But regarding rtx tech not much is known for artist like us yet since 99% of the channel talking about it are oriented toward gaming and not rendering and open gl performance.

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I see, thank for link I will dig into that. Also good to know that Octane is going for that so early aswell, I haven’t got experience with Octane myself but some guys here are producing wonderful results with it in Blender, speaking of which no one really knows about RT cores implementation in Cycles yet right ?:). Anyways I am starting to incline towards 2070 even thou 11Gb Vram is tempting but it could be countered with possibility of turning GPU + CPU in 2.8.

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well in my country (unlike in USA) black fridays are just “hooks” for customers, because there are no real sales that are worth a buy off of these B days. I am considering slightly used Rtx cards that will be available in upcoming months and since cryptomadness is gone it might not be that bad call. Also I agree on forum chat about GTX/RTX cards being mainly about gaming usage… :slight_smile: + GPU rendering is a thing of last years (CPU was king for long time).


Over here it’s about the same thing black Friday are not making highly demand computer peripheral any cheaper but we never know and it doesn’t hurt to give a look just in case!

For myself it is very clear that i will not fall for the nvidia trap to help them getting rid of their 1080 at crypto price!

I will also probably go for a rtx 2070 but would like it if they could come up with rtx 2070 ti with reasonable pricing!(ahummm nvidia ahummm)

When you are an indie it’s almost like everybody is making money except you!:roll_eyes:

Instead of making game we should start a gaming channel since they seem like the only one making money out of gaming!:rofl:


Well i found a used 1080 TI for 440$ right near my place so i sent the guy a message hoping he did not already sell it!

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That’s too good to be true. Do you know the model (brand, version)?

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It’s pretty obvious that you just want to complain about prices, but you’re barking up the wrong tree.

That’s not how it works. NVIDIA doesn’t actually produce any of these cards, they sell chips to companies like MSI, Zotac, Gigabyte etc.

Those companies then manufacture the whole board (buying memory from companies like Samsung) and sell it to retailers.

The retailers then decide on the final price to end users, the manufacturer only suggests a retail price (MSRP).

If some retailer thinks they can find someone stupid enough to buy a 1080Ti for 2000$, that’s up to them, not NVIDIA. That doesn’t mean they will find such a buyer. On the other hand, selling a card that could easily sell for 1000$ at an MSRP of 799$ would be stupidity (or negligence) on the part of the retailer.

NVIDIA has a new generation of chips lined up for production, their contracts for producing the old ones are running out. NVIDIA only designs chips, it doesn’t actually produce them. It makes no sense to make any more 1080Ti chips. NVIDIA isn’t making any extra money on price spikes caused by low supply, they already sold those chips at contract prices.

Now, if you want to buy a GPU, you should probably just wait until enough 2080/2080Tis have been produced (for prices to come down) and software support is solid.

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If it makes you all feel any better, i bought a 1080ti last june or may i think it was, it was very reasonable price and it was before the crypto boom. Sadly my old PC could not run it, it had not enough resources error and could not even see it, so i sent it back with expensive insured mail. I also put a lot of money into crypto, way back when bitcoin was about $2000. Fast forward to now, and through mismanagement and not wanting to take my money out its value is practically nothing or about 1/10th what i put in, in the first place. And i could have kept the 1080ti and sold it at xmas at the height of the crypto boom. Instead i’ve got my crypto losses and i bought a new PC last august -sep time, and had to budget right down to a GTX 1070… somebody please invent a time machine.


I was lucky he still have it and i am going to get it this afternoon, it’s this model here :

It was not use for mining but at this price even if it was the case i would buy it.


Thank for the very informative post!


Well i also had my share of misfortune in recent years as a struggling indie so i know how it’s feel to barely make it from month to month.

The best of luck for upcoming years my friend!

(birdnamnam) #39

Good bargain. Go for it. Just check if the seller has good reviews, and especially if the gpu has warranty time left, you have nothing to worry about.


Just call the guy and yes he have the receipt and the box and the card still have 2 years of warranty and the card is already installed on his machine so i will see it under workload.

Guess that was my lucky day!