Need advice regarding 1080 TI performance vs 1080


Well the guy call me back because he was not sure about the model and it’s appear it is a msi seahawk hydro cool so i am not sure anymore if this model will fit my case correctly and they mention on tom hardware that to make it more quiet it is required to buy another 70$ fan for it so now i am not sure anymore!

Here the model ;

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Something is fishy about this guy… He didn’t know the model? It’s almost (I’d say completely) unbelievable he didn’t know that he had the Sea-Hawk edition. It’s a unique gpu in many ways (AIO cooled), so it’s not easy to confuse it with a mainstream version. I don’t know. Be careful…


Agree i don’t know what to think anymore but i am not even sure this card could fit inside my pc since you have that radiator with the fan and i don’t think i have another opening to put this in my pc.


Well now i am reading about msi aio warranty and there seem to be a lot of problem with leaking from the Corsair H55 cooler.

Many also complain about pump quality and failure.

I think i will move away from that card since liquid cooling seem to be more problematic than air cooling.


A lucky guy got a 1080 ti for only 109$ i am kidding you not here the ebay link just browsed the completed list here ;

The owner said it was in perfect working condition! Some guy’s have all the luck: :roll_eyes:

Edit; in case people don’t believe it

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As the saying goes, if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

An image of a “sold” listing isn’t proof that any such transaction has taken place in the real world. Scams are not uncommon on both Ebay and Amazon Marketplace.


You could be right but none the less sometime these kind of deals happen or maybe ebay are putting these false completed in list to show how great of a deal you can find on ebay.

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I doubt it either of these. Ebay would have a lot of reputation to lose from such a practice becoming public knowledge.

The scam goes like this: Somebody posts a listing of an item for gullible people to buy at ridiculously low price, then they try to convince the buyer to pay outside of Ebay’s or Amazon’s system, where there is no protection for the buyer. Often times, they use hacked accounts for this.

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According to one article I’ve read, it is in fact possible to hack the BIOS of these cards so you might think you have a 1080, but you really have a 1050 (it’s not widespread in the US, but just noting that scams in this area do happen and they don’t need a defective product to do it with).

Ebay is supposed to have safeguards against this, but the sheer volume of product that moves through the site makes removing every suspicious page a difficult job. It’s the same with software, chances are you find a very good deal and you buy a pirate instead of a legitimate copy.


Good advice since i heard a lot recently about fake 1080 and the more i see i think i will buy a brand new 2070 instead of all that trouble to save only a few buck!


There is also the shill bidder’s often the seller himself under false account on vpn.


Someone want to sell me a titan x for 450$ i think that’s a pretty good deal but i am waiting for him to call me back since i ask him if he got the receipt for the warranty!

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Keep in mind that there’s Titan X (Maxwell), Titan X (Pascal) and Titan Xp (Pascal). Only the Pascal architecture versions are comparable to the 1080Ti.

450$ sounds too low for a Pascal-based Titan X.


Thank for the tips BeerBaron!