Need Advice to create character

Hi, I am not an artist so my skills are very limited. I have no choice to create a character for game what i want. So here i need your advices;
I develope a game and i need a protagonist. But i cant create him. I couldn’t find a suitable model also.
What do you think?
Path 1: Get a clear base model, rig it animate it, and develope your game with this. Than, i can implement textures materials and clothes on it. Question; Is it possible? I mean, if i get a mesh and develope whole game with it. and someday i find an artist and he/she implement the materials on it. And this wont ruined my whole process. Only i import the newer mesh and everything works fine?
Path 2: Fİrst get your ready model. Develope your game with it. Because you cant implement anything to it one you start with a model.

And i advice any additional paths, i am happy to hear.
Thanks for the help

I don’t know what engine you use, but with UE4 you don’t have this problem, you just use the mannequin and then later you skin a proper character to that rig.
Using a placeholder Rig is definitely the way to go, the only problem with this is that you have to stick to the same rig or you would have to replace all that later which is double the work.

What I would suggest to you is do all your design up front - the art style is very important. If you have a clear vision how your game should look like, implementing the character later shouldn’t be a problem. As well as other assets.
Develop with placeholder assets, don’t spent too much time on actual producing proper assets, rather focus on gameplay first.
You can always spent some money on a character/assets later, if you can’t get it done yourself.
If you have a working prototype of a game it will also be easy to maybe get somebody motivated to help you (for less financial compensation or none at all).
Like me for example - show me a working game prototype and show me that you mean serious business and I might help you out of pure boredom.

I found that hard to believe, there are tons of characters with rigs that are free to use.

Hello Romanji,
Thank you for your detailed answer. your advices are very clear thank you again.
And you are right i have to focus on gameplay, I agree. In my case i feel stucked at this character issue. Because i want to make animations but i know i will change the character and as you mentioned i am worried about i will have to re animate or re targeting issues. because you know it is quite confising epic skeleton. And yes i use Unreal.
by the way, i can get a base mesh, i can use its rigging to animate but i dont know how can i make clothes or props. If i will have to re sculpt, i have no skill to do. Because of i didnt solve the mesh, i cant focus on animations. So it looks cruncky.
I know these questions come to you meaningless but be sure this is my main obstackle.
I drop a video here. If you find me please help with this :slight_smile:

If you are using Unreal than you are in the green.
You can rest assure that you wont have unsolvable problems.
Do you know the Mr. Mannequin addon?

Get it! Probably the best rig I’ve ever seen in Blender.
You could also use Cascadeur if you like to, which has also support for the UE mannequin.

Do your prototyping, ignore the worries and fears you have. The only thing you have to do with this workflow at some point is to skin your character mesh to the UE mannequin and import it into UE4.
The animation part is completely separate since you only import the skeleton animation (without mesh).
You are not really stuck, you think you are, but you are wrong.
You don’t have to solve this problem now.
The ONLY dependence is that your character has to have the same proportions as the mannequin. Maybe use the female mannequin since it doesn’t have so broad shoulders.

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Oh! You are awesome and thank you. As i understand correctly, you advice me to go on with these assets while prototyping. You should use mr mannequin and the animation app to create animations. When i will have a suitable character i can retarget. Is it right?

Yes, but there is no need for retargeting. Just skinning/weighting the mesh to the UE skeleton.

Thank you. However i dont know how to re-skin but this is a great road map. At keast i know what to do. Thank you

When You wrote Implement, i was like…
If You get this tutorial →
then by messing with the script You could
get more than 1 screen or split faces… and ofc by animating camera to stare
at textures or anything else which You could “implement” as
actions of Textured texture buttons for changes… or if something generated rains on those buttons with data taken from the slope for those changes as if the character gets upgraded from progress of the player…
via considering this if You knew about it → Randomize animation
could widen Your perspective and the way of how You look at blender software…
taking in consideration that any blenders animation frames can be driven by value of a property
which can make things to move to ends of many different data slopes or barrels generated with different intensities of generatated results and switch data taker equalizer punchers between them in order to bring generated values to newly generated item depending on players equipped totals of “idea” - implemened property of L U C K!

and by the way, by hooking and learning more about possibilities of -

import bge

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
obj = scene.objects[“cil”]

mouseSens = cont.sensors[“overany”]

mouseX = mouseSens.hitPosition[0]
mouseY = mouseSens.hitPosition[1]
mouseZ = mouseSens.hitPosition[2]

obj.position[0] = mouseX
obj.position[1] = mouseY
obj.position[2] = mouseZ

  • this script for cursor object which mouseovers something like maps or containers which also can be animated for rotations and other turns,
    you can make planes to action size out from container models like opening folders on desktop
    and move anything via parent and unparent thing vs messages and ending objects, just find save and load scripts but keep in mind that multiple save scripts can work as undo and redo in programming.

Google it, i bet You’ll find out how to crank it up as i have no idea how far have You got with Your dreams.

This thing is so bad…