Need advice with hair mesh material.

Hi everyone.
I’ve been trying to use Daz studio hair models in Cycles and have some problem in final result:
Daz hairs usually have a lot of overlapping plain meshes with colour and transparancy alpha textures on them. And sometimes it leads to the formation of very dark areas on renders. There is an example on the screenshot with my best looking node setup so far.
How can i fix this issue or at least where should i search for solution? Any advice would be appreciated.


Hair_Test.blend (14.6 MB)

UNder render settings (the camera) , Light Paths section, Transparency, increase the bounces to ~ min:1 max:12

If a ray reaches it maximum transparent bounce count it will stop and display as black. So scenes with a alot of layered transparent objects need to increase their transparent bounces.

Yep, that fixed up the problem. Thanks a lot Photox!