Need advise about animation creation for a game

Hi everyone! (sorry for the long post…)
This is my first post here.
First thing I wanted to say : I’m not an artist :slight_smile: but a coder. I’m using blender for about 3 years now, using it for creating and editing simple (ugly hehe) model I need for my programs.
For about 1 years I’m working on a football (soccer) game, which can be seen here :

I didn’t do the last stadium model :slight_smile: The player was a swimer blender model, on which I add (uhmm…) a shirt, short, shoes… and an armature.

Now I’m working on the animation system and as you can guess, it’s the main part of football game.

Well that was to introduce myself. Now about my “questions” :
I first try to do animation my self, which was pretty good to learn how blender works, but after a walk, run, and shoot animation which was looking horrible, I start thinking that I need something else to get good animation.
I found some motion capture data ( and try to use those. I have a big plan for how to use animation in the game engine. For example motion graph, with motion blending for some IK effect, and of course the famous super foot sliding (like in pes) to get something playable. Unfortunatly, I spend the last 2 month writing a tool to create motion graph from those animation (I forgot to say that I wrote an exporter for blender, which can export 3d model, animation and armature in my game), and test it on those motion capture, without getting good result… (takes too much time to edit animation in blender!)
My first problem is that I have other motion capture, so on another armature… and I don’t even use the same armature for my model. I don’t really know how blender can handle this, but I manage to “bind” an animation from an armature to another : using hinge and copy rotation constraint, scale the translation stuff etc and create, by hand, EACH keyframe. I have motion capture with about 750frame so this take a lots of time. The bake function didn’t seems to help me here :frowning:

Well I need advise from you guys, who from what I saw on this forums I suppose are way more qualified than me on animation and modelling, what would be the right things to do.
Basicaly what I need know is to take all my mocap data, and stick those on one armature (the armature of my player), edit those maybe, clean, etc. And then export those in my game (from where I will be able to create motion graph etc).

Should I (is it possible) use blender to do it? will it takes me full days to do it? Or I am missing something? Should I wrote blender script, or external tool to do it? (possible, but again, it takes time).

I hope some one read my post (very long sorry…) and can give me good advices!