Need advise on my Object thanks :)

I wanted to tackle something intermediate rather easy, and i decided to tackle the cheyenne dropship, but it’s really complex given recreating a car or su 37 jet’s much easier compared to this.(the wings are nightmare to work with.) :’(

I’ve made almost 5 attempts with failed ones, (not in one go, but when i have the time) poor meshes, but my mech this time is better, given i’ll let you be judge of that :stuck_out_tongue:

I have light source as sun positioned in front, seems easier to see. some are with subdivision some are just plain.

assbanger uploaded this image to

Blender doesn’t allow much uploads :frowning:

So hope links okay, it is kinda awkward to see, must be the image stretched :stuck_out_tongue:

Additional questions:

Um, when you subdivide, why does the mech add some odd triangle with no vertices? it’s so annoying.
And i cut mesh, i here that’s really bad.


If you use the knife tool or subdivide, it’s usually a good idea to go back and clean up your mesh. one way to do this would be: where there are n-gons ( faces with more than 4 edges ) , delete them, or triangulate them, and use alt J ( join tris to quads ) and edge rotate ( not sure what the hotkey is ).
use the retopo tools to construct a new mesh on top of the existing one, or perhaps just to patch up bad areas.

Main drop ship looks complex but try to build them from simple shapes first. Do over all shape first before diving into details.

There are two sets of rocket pods that hinges out. Keep those object separate from main drop ship. Landing skids need to be separate as well. You can model it and hinge them in or out later. Here is the detail on rear rocket pods:

Original rocket pods deployment sequence at 5:06.

Thanks, I will try to incorporate all this ideas.

I noticed when modeling the dropship really has no real authentic way of approaching it as in “aliens” movie iv’e noticed the scale of the pads are just huge and to determine whats realistic compared to whats not is tricky (even from reference design or in movie as alot set peices were used for different situations. So is it okay to just skip few parts because where the rocket pods close from the front perspective view on left theres triangle sided shape that almost unrecognisable until i sought out reference; so (while this isnt architecture work where each parts determined by design faults because blue prints are do or die) but im working on strict fictional dropship with fantsasy resources compared to real thing. :frowning:

Even the props look different, the wing spands hard to grasp because in the movie it only really positions at 45 or 90 degrees while some illustrations are flat angle depending where it is in viewers eye.

I think w is to delete doubles, but when i cut and manually add verts with k it helps but i get horrid sillohouttes appearing in ghostly form that appear in render.

Cockpits going to be little bit tricky. as everythings moduler, and i wouldn’t dare built it together.

Your probably wondering why i chose cheyanne.

1 Well because its bad ass.
2 Because i wanted to test a set peice for a game with real world scale based on ship and eventually work from there, being ship as visual ruler.

In this image, i i even scaled and tried to accurately edit in photoshop, but every time i work on it, the actual vertices not scaling with the image. when you look at the colored vertices as yellow in each image, why don’t they scale exactly the same, as the image must scale with the model not model with image, and when i do it at times it usually resulted in me reattempting it almost 5 times. so i gave in and focused on what works best. :ba:

At times i had to go old school and simply just wing it.

I don’t wanna drag the thread any longer, but this drives me insane :stuck_out_tongue: ocd insane lol.

And thanks for the movie, seen it like bazillion times now, and still holds up well for today.

I’m not a master at it, but i do enjoy it, when it all comes together.


In this image, it has less quads, is it better compared to the next image below, when dealing with fictional things, rather cylinder based objects i was wondering, because this part of ships very tricky and been annoying me most given it can be quad, then triangle, but with smoothing either way with both images, the end results the same.

More isn’t good and less sometimes also isn’t best. :confused:

:frowning: Oh, i uploaded images week ago, hoping someone would reply, but takes for ever to post things here. sad face. any hows, can someone answer the question above in regards to the image. is it better to have more quads, given the angle almost looks like a triangle from all perspectives.

I was looking at this from a cars perspective, it’s angular shaped from where the rim would have a grid of quads, yet in bottom right hand image you can see the mesh highlighted orange, is it better to have more.

i uploaded images week ago, hoping someone would reply

For the movie Ariens, they built model for the sequence. They just modeled it out of concept and made it look good and functional for the shoot. I don’t think there was any drawings made for it or from the actual model.

There are lots of drawing on the web, and lots of model made after the movie. They are all little different. So I have been looking into making the general layout of the ship off and on from the movie. Here is what I have now:

There are detached faces and triangles still. But it may give you an idea to solve your problem.