Need Alien Model

hi every 1 i love to make movies i always have since i was 8 and i alwhays was a fan of the movie ALIENS and ALIENS vs PREDATOR and i alwhays dreamed of making my own movie with me blowing up an alien or having it chase me or somthin

but i am kind of new to blender i just know how to get around in it and thts all.
im looking for a Alien model sorta like this 1

ecept 3d of course and i was wondering if any 1 new of any models tht i can download that look like this but if not then what are the steps to making my own??
What tuts do i need?? and if i did get the model then how do i add a video into blender and make an 3d object look like it goes behind me??? some1 please HELPPPP!!

Check the Tutorial section!
For the modeling part look for character modeling tuts.(if you are new to 3d-cg then go throu as many tutorials as you can…)

I doubt that there is an Alien model around - and even if it was, you’d need to check the rights you have and if you can really use it for your own movies.

Also, generally speaking, I think you should first think about modeling it for yourself before thinking about making a movie with it. 3D is not about animation only, it’s about modeling, texturing, lighting etc. (not if you’re working professionally, maybe, but for all the others it is like that). This experience will teach you a lot you need for animation as well - like patience and hard work :wink:

I agree with Myke.

You cant just jump into something way deeper than your height. First you have to learn the basics of Blender, Modelling Texturing and Lighting. Just like Me.

Some people may say its boring, but thats the way the cookie crumbles :rolleyes:.

Just stick at it, follow some tutorials, and mabye you will be as good as me :RocknRoll:, Only joking, but mabye as good as than some of the other artists on here.

it really depends on how high quality you want. if you want an alien model that looks ok but not that great. you could find the basic tuts pretty quick to help you. if you want something thats going to look realistic and you have no cg expierence its going to take a long time to learn. at least it is for me. depends on how obsessed you are

On the free model and tutorial on alien and alien queen, you can refer to the works of Franz Muen (they are impressive!):

You can find his 2 tutorials on alien queen’s headshield and torso from:

You can also download the free models (blend file and other formats) from: