Need an addon made

I need an add-on or script that essentially gives me two buttons.
The first button when I press it opens the file browser and lets me find a folder, the folder will have a single OBJ model in it and textures, I want to be able to then have it automatically import that model, and set up a basic principled texture set up with a bump node instead of the normal node, and a mix shader combining the AO map with the diffuse texture of an AO map is in the folder.

(That first half could probably be used by triggering the node wrangler add-on, and then modifying its output.)

Then the 2nd button, would apply the scale and rotation of the object and mark the object and it’s materials as assets, as well as change the name of the model and material to the same name as the OBJ file.

If that sounds like something you could do (or know of an easier way to achieve the same result) let me know! (paid)

You can contact me on discord if that’s easier: D1a1v1e1#0001

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