Need an animator / cost of short film

I have all of the 3d assets except the characters. I can do the lighting. I’d need two guard characters (one mesh with modded face textures and clothes etc) and one female rogue-type character. I have the writing done. I can provide scene blocking. I’d need the three characters animated (mostly one character). Mostly no background animations beyond torches (I have a wonderful animated torch setup). Maybe 1 minute of dialogue (I’d provide the audio - I’d just need the lips to match). I’d do all of the audio myself. I’ll do the scene cuts, color post etc myself. I’ll need camera animations (nothing complex). Maybe 10 minutes in length. I’m looking for a character modeler (or a place to purchase modifiable characters) and animator. I understand this is not enough info for a firm quote, but can anyone give me a rough cost, preferably the person / team interested? Medieval stealth. Here’s the chapter I want to make into a film:

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Hi, Do you require a music composer for your project ?

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Hello. I can model characters for you and animate them. I have made my own short film. If you are interesting, please visit my portfolio. I can make all 10 min. alone, but it will take a lot of time. Also I want to see example of video what you are interesting in. The price depends on quality of video. Is it 3d or 2d? Hope to hear from you soon.

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