need an modeler to help out with my mod conditions in post.

conditions[TABLE=“class: outer_border, width: 500, align: center”]

if you can model an soldier and some weapons you are an potential candidate.
its your choice remain in team after the work was finished to new mods or even a whole new game.
all model you do its your copy right and will be absolutely incontestably said in credits each model is your right and any question ask me [email protected] and yes if u leave the team before you need to give me permission to use it but with all credit being given to you if I start selling an game that use an model you have done wen I get sufficient money I will pay you the correct amount if you stills in the team your payment will be better but the game to sell and earn money is a future plan for now is an mod tanks for reading it ;).


Hello, I will happily model for you!!! Contact me at [email protected]