Need an object modeled

Will pay $20 to have the symbol below created as a 3D Object at roughly 16 bu x 16 bu x 1 bu with 11 rays coming off, rather than 18, though it should still look full (e.g, don’t just erase 7 of the rays and call it good). Does not have to be exact, but must be close in general style.

Must have paypal.

If you can also provide details regarding your process as well (as I am sure there are simpler ways than the myriad I tried and failed at) that would be appreciated. I will have additional work in the future for an ongoing project so whoever takes this job and can give me what I want with a decent turn around will have first dibs for an ongoing project.



Sent you a PM!
Thank you!

I already finished :smiley:

Please reply to my PM so I can send you the model.

Got it. Thanks Bat Moose.