Need animations for 5 dinosaurs


I have 5 dinosaurs that i need animated for a mobile video game. They were modelled and textured to resemble a set of toys, but the animations need to be as realistic as technically possible. The assets are low poly but nothing too extreme, roughly around 5k tris each.

the animation list consists of:

  • Idle 1 - health at 100%
  • Idle 2 - health at 50%
  • Idle 3 - health at 15%
  • Run forward
  • Turn around
  • Run backwards
  • Attack 1 - 1 “strike”
  • Attack 2 - 2 “strikes”
  • Attack 3 - 3 “strikes”
  • Defend against Attack
  • Defend against Defend
  • Special attack vs Defend
  • Special attack vs Attack
  • Special attack vs Idle
  • Damage
  • Attack preparation idle (includes initial Attack pose)
  • Defend preparation idle (includes initial Defend pose)
  • Special preparation idle (includes initial Special pose)

The animations need to be finished until late May/ early June.

I´m not quite sure in regards to pricing of something like this, so PM me and the pricing can be negotiated.


I’ve sent you PM.