Need animator for Youtube Blender action show

Hello, community!
Sorry to tick you all of with my help-needings (if that is even a word) but bear with me! An animator is needed for my open youtube series which I am creating with my siblings, Littlemonkey, and ImmortalZombie.
In the beginning…
A camera rolls down a street, looking from side to side. Then it goes back to front view, ad there is a massive building. Most assets have been gratefully modelled by Littlemonkey.
This job is long, and mind-straining, and you will probably not be paid, unless we make money off of this.
Thank You
Caleb Huizenga

Thank You, Masab Mia and Kbo39!

I might be able to help. It shouldn’t be to hard to do.

OK, skype or pm, or email if you are interested.

i would also like to help pm me and…. if you want to go check out my channel to see the kind of stuff i did so far let me know if it is good and if i can help in any way

Yeah I checked that out its really cool! I PM’d ya.