Need any REALLY good tut on Skeletal Animation

So far I’ve looked thru Blender Guides and found nothing but blah-blah-blah. Googling gave me nothing either.
Does anyone know of any good tut describing skeletal animation in detail? I.e. creation of a model from scratch?


Don’t know what exactly you’re looking for but in my case, the tutorial in chapter 13 in the blender guide, helped me a lot. (just in case you haven’t seen it yet).

I’m looking for a good tut describing building a character with a skeleton from scratch, since Blender Guides doesn’t describe how to do it.



I need a free tut.

Have you tried the wiki?
Edit: I ment this :expressionless:
and look here to:

Here’s a recent one that has the basics:


Thanks, vidar_nelson, GreyBeard.

If anyone else has suggestions, you’re welcome.