Need artist for News Graphics work; willing to discuss price

Hello there! My name is Alex. I’m a producer for a small college entertainment show on the university station. Our television station is currently celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and it’s a big time for our show and our station, so we want to revamp what we currently have.

What we are aiming for is the typical news graphic “experience”. Really dramatic stuff. Our show is a parody of the news, so the cheesier the better I’d suppose. I’m think of this as a basic premise:

Introduction with animation; spiny things. The usual.
Going forward to video of our two anchors and their names displayed on screen.
Just some random video after introducing our anchors of them doing things. Recycling amputated feet, burning newspapers. Just being cool.

I know that sounds very confusing and stupid, but I can explain this in greater detail, I promise.
Now we are college students, so we really don’t have a boatload of money. However, we are willing to discuss a price if you are interested in the project. Or, if you’d like to volunteer, we’d be willing to put your credentials in the credits in the intro; as long as it’s tasteful.

We’re not looking for Emmy award winning work here, but something that does look professional that will blow any of the other shows out of the water.

I thank you for your time!