Need aspiring artist

If you are working on becoming a known renderer or modeler and would like to get recognized for your work, let me know. I own and we’re looking for one or two artists to help with the artwork for scenes, characters, items, equipment, enemies, etc. If you are able to help out in any way, please let me know. You will receive full credit for your work displayed on the website and it’ll never be taken off. If you decide to stay on long term, you can become a partner and receive profit sharing that the website generates. ($200 - $1000 per month).

I can help if you would like. Here’s my work, I am trying to branch out,

I can most definitely help. My latest work has been race cars but I can do anything from the race cars to architecture. My email is [email protected]

Also we’ll be setting up as a vendor at different video game conventions in the united states. Our first is the end of September this year. Your ticket would be paid in full and you can hangout at the vendor table with us to promote the game.

Hi, I’d like to see if I could be of some help. My email is [email protected] , please get back to me, as it sounds interesting

Please post examples or links to examples.

If you need any help I would gladly help you can check out my Portfolio at and if you have any questions just PM me I should respond pretty fast.

I can help you.