Need assistance on remembering how to map/remap UV texture from external JPG


So I have a project I worked on a lonnng time ago now (7 years). I started with a photogrammetry model developed in 123D Catch, pulled into blender, and then, somehow remapped/retextured the front side of the T-Shirt from an external JPG. The ‘external’ part is important, as it is part of a web app-- (i.e. simply replace the texture file with another of the same shape/size, and you’ve got a different T design on the same model).

However, unfortunately I never got around to the back side of the shirt, and have tried to pick up on this project again in the New Year. And… I have no memory of exactly how I went about doing that.

Obviously I’m no ‘Blender Guru’, but does anyone have any suggestions as to the procedure I should follow, or tutorials that might help ?

The model in action can be found here:

And the current 2D texture on it right now looks like this (it has an alpha channel which is not showing):


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Well… how does the UV map os the backside looks… so maybe just put it on the back ?? So that the borders match… or i just don;t get here what you are up to…

You might want to elabaorate this i little bit further…

Hey friend,

So not to cite again but check it out now:

I just renamed the front texture file name on the server-- And obviously, now I can also see I didn’t do a ‘perfect job’.

But somehow I told Blender ‘strip’ the texture from this area in the original .OBJ and always replace it with ‘this file’. I know at least it happens in the UV editor, but I don’t recall how I did this ‘cut and snip’ operation, nor how I specified the external file…

I can not even imagine what you are talking about… if you have UV’s then they tell exactly what part of the texture is used… and your backside in particular is showing a photo a t- shirt with wringles etc… and not only some sort of cotton texture…

It may also be not the best idea to talk about this with only showing rotating (and meanwhile changed) object and your “not-remberance”…

…but meaningful screenshots or even the file… ??

Oh, yeah, that’s cool. I didn’t realize I could upload those here. Like I said it has been a long time since, over a weekend, I tried this little experiment. So I think I need the .obj, .mtl files, and the base textures, right ? And the ‘model’ in the file is actually my close friend who runs a t-shirt printing business. It is really ‘too bad’ Autodesk discontinued 123D Catch, which was free, because in the end with like 20-30 cellphone photos, it did a really good job of making a wireframe with textures.

Also, to relive any confusion-- This not meant to be ‘high scale rendering’; It is meant to be part of an open source solution for screen printing and various other shops, where someone can upload, place their image and basically get some sort of ‘preview’ before confirming their order… I’m not trying to do ‘high-art’ here, just ‘close enough’.

From the practical point of view, it looks like your model is ok:

I can imagine the way you did it: Select the front TShirt faces, assign them a material (with the TShirt Front texture) and unwrap so they fit in the scaling image template of your web app.

Navigating your pages, it seems there is no mtfronttext.png in your assets/3D folder.

I tried to upload an image via your test page but the resize.php doesnt load it.

I´m not a coder anyway so no possible help from me on that side, sorry.

And finally, from the aesthetic point of view, I think 123D generated a very ugly topology and four photo textures, and the model requires some rework, but that is a matter of taste.

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, hope it helps.

Hey Lqppro,

Yes, I just temporarily renamed the mtfronttex file to show Okidoki what the model looked like with no texture. I’ve returned the file now.

And yes, you are correct that is basically what I did I believe. I’ll let you know if I have any questions when I try doing the back. As to the ‘no resize image found’ after uploading, that is a little bug I am still trying to work out. After uploading it calls up a seperate PHP script that runs Imagemagick to create a second ‘thumbnail’ version of the uploaded image which is what runs in the ‘resize’ section.

I’m not sure if there is some ‘delay’ that occurs where the resize page is called up, but perhaps Imagemagick hasn’t finished its task yet ? Or you will notice, if you upload an image, and if you get the ‘missing image’ on the resize page, if you just refresh the page at that point, you will see that your uploaded image now appears.

Ideally I’d also like the images to end up being stored in a MySQL database, rather than just ‘floating around the server’.

And, I would agree about 123D-- It hardly generated ‘high res’ models, but it was really quick, forgiving and easy to use. I imagine the actual processing was done via remote server rather than on the phone. Other programs I’ve tried seem to be really particular about the number of needed images, the angles you use, etc. to produce a decent result.

If I make more models for this project I’m going to try the free version of 3DF Zephyr, with a green screen and a tripod. I even bought a little ‘lazy susan’ for the model to stand on, so I can just turn them around rather than moving the camera.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

Don’t blame me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … i already coudl imagine what’s going on… and a black textures doesn’t didn’t show very much…
…that’s the reason for mentioning of:

:+1: for @lqppro for grabbing the model from the URL :smile_cat:

…and now i see… photogrammetry texture and UV hell:

Better get a clean retopologized geometry. If you are not a 3d artist, photogrammetry can be a headache.

:thinking: Unless you want to 3d scan the clients to see how the Tshirts fit. :bulb:

Yes, UV hell. I’ve also been still trying to figure out just how to add a bit of texture on the lower hands that seems to be missing a texture. I could try to pull the map into Photoshop and just use the stamp tool to extend, but I’m not sure if that would be sufficient

Yeah lqppro, unfortunately I am not a ‘3D artist’, by any means-- I can work with and handle CAD designs (because that is very ‘specified, defined, exact’, and enjoy creating 2D art, both traditionally and digitally. But when it comes to ‘sculpting’ in 3D, I just don’t think I have the brain for it. And even when I did my first scan with 123D Catch, there was a lot of ‘background’ noise, which is why I had to pull it into Blender if nothing else but to delete those parts of the scene.

And actually, not that long ago I saw this tutorial listed in my inbox that actually does ‘just that’-- provides automated sizing, but doesn’t even need photogrammetry, or 3D, but runs on OpenCV:

That is not really what I am after though. My main purposes for working on this is #1) I think it would be ‘cool’ for customers to get a ‘dynamic preview’ of their shirt before it is printed #2) I have a friend whom many years ago I helped start his screen printing/dye-sublimation business, and a big part of this is working with the customer for image placements, as well as providing the customers with a ‘mock-up’ before the order is secured.

I mean right now they have an employee, who has a degree in design and experience using Solidworks-- And basically he spends his whole day doing these very tedious ‘simulated’ mock-ups in Photoshop.

I thought to myself, certainly this can be automated. As stated on my site, I just plan to open source this, unless like a garment company comes to me and wants a bunch of their custom designs to be on model.

That said, and I’m not ‘asking’ but… If either of you feel ‘totally bored’, and since you’ve acquired all my files at this point (Ha… Hmmm… I’m going to have to look into how I structured the permissions), if either feels like doing the back texture remap for me… You guys would do it in like two seconds, where as it will take me a bit to figure out. File imprint should be same shape texture as front, only mtbacktex.png.