Need assistance please - DAZ Studio to Blender conversion.

Good morning, everyone. I am having an issue I am hoping someone can assist me on.

I have spent a while getting a perfect model for a game I play and mod. She looks PERFECT in Daz Studio as seen here:


However when I export it, I have tried exporting both as a .dae with default settings, an .obj with default settings, an .obj with the premade Blender settings and these will not work. The result is this:


Note that she now looks solid and block-like. I am doing the correct procedure of making sure shadows are set to GLSL (this is a must for proper shadowing) and the main setting to Blender Render.

From what I understand the hair strands should be taken from Alpha channels that enable transparencies. Does Blender not use these?

Any ideas what i am missing?



So I found an article, though it was dated way back in 2012, that led me to do the following:

  • Enable transparency (Z-transparency) on your material.
  • On the material’s texture, under image, enable premultiply
  • Under influence, enable alpha and set it to -1.0, set Dvar to 0.

I feel like it got me closer, but the hair still doesn;t look right. It looks inverted, but the alpha channel I am using is properly set as the game needs (white = solid to black = transparent).


Am I on the right track here? Does Blender read alphas backwards or something?

I had a similar issue when exporting DAZ stuff (city sceneries like “Urban Sprawl”) from Poser to Blender. I found out that it works when I export them as .obj and put all the textures in the same folder as the .obj and .mtl files.
HOWEVER - in Blender the textures are correct only with the Blender-render, not with Cycles.
There is a converter ( ) which converts from Blender internal render to Cycles but it works only with older versions (2.68 no, 2.62 yes, inbetween ???) and still requires a lot of manual work.
In sceneries there are hundreds of materials so this converter still saved me tons of time but one character like your’s doesn’t have so many materials on it so look up how they are done in DAZ Studio and rebuild them manually in Blender. (If you are not familiar with material nodes in Cycles then learn about them - it is really worth it).

Hope that helps a little.

Have you tried MCJ Teleblender? Works really great for porting over from Daz Studio to Blender :slight_smile:

I think this Addon also works with 2.71. At least I have used it with 2.71. But because I am new to Cycles I am not sure there were any errors…

Actually I had to completely give up the project. I have verified that for the game I was attempting to mod, models need to be triangulated. It is actually not possible to triangulate DAZ models, as it completely destroys their texturing, creating tears at the seams of the objects and bad distortion throughout. I found it silly that DAZ even has a triangulate option in their software, but even on their own models triangulate tears the models to bits, so I am not sure why they even included such a “feature”. And triangulating in Blender has similar issues with messing up the textures.

Thanks for the help, though, guys. Was worth a try.

EDIT: Also wanted to add: For the cycles suggestion - the game I am modding requires I work in Blender Render, so cycles was not an option for me, either.

if your doll is as important as it sounds :wink:
try exporting from daz as obj then retoppo in blender
bake maps from the hi res to the low res(tri) mesh