Need assistance with Eeevee reflections

Hi guy’s,

This is my first day dabbing into Blender new shiny Eevee renderer and even after searching and looking at many tutorials i still cannot figure this one out.

What i want to achieve is having the interior scene doing the reflection on Suzanne instead of using the hdri, when i disable the hdri i don’t have reflections from floor and ceiling on Suzanne.

All normals are flip in the inside and i verified if ceiling and floor normals were flip in the right direction.

This is the way i setup the reflection probe ;

Here a test i did with Cycles;

Also is there a way to remove light from showing in reflection?

I could also create an hdri from the scene and use it in scene world but it would not be as accurate in animation.

Maybe it’s a limitation of Eevee but i cannot find information on this yet.

Thank for any help

As I tried, put the light probe(reflection cubemap) center between Suzanne and Camera will get better reflections.

The location of probe center is the key, size/type of the probe and normal flip of the floor are not the point.
Remember to click “Bake Cubmap only” button to update bake result before Eevee render.
(I don’t know why I should click bake button since I have already enabled “auto bake”.
PS. move objects will get auto update, but disable/show objects won’t get auto update.)

Put the center of probe just right into Suzanne will get a bad result:

Hi Ramjet and thank for the reply but i still have problems even following your advice.

Could you please tell me on what version of blender you did this scene and what is the setting for your scene units?

The only thing it does in my case is making a strange reflection that seem like clip in the middle of Suzanne and playing with clipping probe didn’t change anything.

Here a pic ;

I found an old thread where someone had the same problem and if i load his scene in it is working correctly but if i try to reproduce in latest RC it doesn’t work at all so i suspect they change something that make the result different in latest versions.

link to thread ; Questions about EEVEE Reflection Cubemap Light Probes

OK more test and i finally was able to get it to work but newcomers to blender will not find this setup very friendly since it is involving a lot of manipulations.

Here my latest result ;

I decide i was going to create a new youtube channel call BlenderNut and i am going to make a video tutorial on how to setup reflections correctly with Reflection Cubemap.

The channel will also help me remember all my setup and various procedures in Blender.

I will also make a few videos with quick tips per Blender area like modeling,sculpting, rendering etc where anyone could easily locate in the youtube description with link to video section for each tips.