Need attractive 3d text for website landing page

Looking for someone to create an attractive title image for a landing page of a website. This should be fairly straight forward for someone who understands lighting (as I am lost when it comes to getting something to look good in relation to lighting, I can create objects and textures all day long but when it comes to lighting I’ve still got some learning to do).

The website is What we are looking for is an attractive 3d version of the heading text: TOURNAMENT LISTINGS AND HOTEL STAYS.

We’re thinking a metallic texture, possibly chrome or brass, but would be open to anything that grabs a user’s attention more than the existing flat white title.

If interested, just let me know and we can discuss a price.

Below is my attempt at a gold material on some 3d text…for your amusement…


If you want reflection, you’re going to need something to reflect - try putting a checker/ HDR mapping on the world and render a transparency film. That is probably what you need.

Another option is to UV unwrap the letters and do an asiotropy so it looks like chrome.

Do you have a font to use? I use Impact because it looks like movie posters.
here is my portfolio :
I’ll dm you my estimate.

I can do that. Portfolio:

I can do that for you if you’re still interested. Here’s a work of mine:

Email me at [email protected] if you want to proceed.

Hi, I have sent you a private message.

A little late, sorry. But figured I’d send this along.
With best wishes, Alan

Hi! I’m CG generalist! If the need for visualization, 3D modeling, animation is relevant for you and you are considering options for cooperation with prepayment, then contact me! You can see some of my works here and here

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