Need battleship model

Hello, first of all, i wasn’t sure which forum to put this in, so if its in the wrong one, then go ahead and change it.

Secondly, I am making a video for my high school play that will be played in the middle to represent a naval battle.

This naval battle will be between a ‘pirate-style’ ship, and a battle-ship a la Bismarck.

I already have the water (thank you cogfilms) but i still need a model of a battleship and a pirate ship. If I cannot find one, I guess I will have to model it which will take copius amounts of time so it isn’t a preferred option. Has anyone made a model of either of these that they would like to share with me. If you do, you can rest assured that I will not redistribute it, or use it for profit, and I will also give you the completed video and final .blend file if you want.

I have made a pretty bad model a long time ago. If you want you can have it. This is how it looks: I know it’s pretty weird but maybe you can find some use for it if you modify it. The materials are the default material plus some other color cause I weren’t good at materials when I created the mesh.

Turbo Squid has some battleship models in 3DS format for sale (here’s one example, there are others you can search for), but no free ones as far as I can find. If you’ve got some budget to spend for your animation, you could save some time, getting one of those, perhaps.

Not neccessarily . . . how detailed do you need these models to be? Will the final animation be close to photo-real, or more like the cinematics in a game?

In about an hour’s time, I was able to put this together with some top/side reference images of the Bismarck:

If you can finish of the rest of the major parts (which mainly would be cubes & duplicates of the existing gun turrets), do a little bit of detail work & add some good textures, it may suit your needs.

If you want the .blend to see what you can do with it, here it is. The model & it’s image-mapped references are in different layers, and the images have been packed with the file.

Otherwise, I hope you can find what you’re looking for & that the project comes off well!


Thanks a bunch. This model is a good starting point. :slight_smile: There will be some shots with the ships far away, but I am also looking to have some close-ups of the ships and guns so I will need to add more detail and textures. However, thank you very much for this, I will use it as a starting point for my model.

Also, I am still looking for a pirate ship, and hopefully a more detailed battleship (I’m lazy, and I may not have time to further detail the one given)