Need Beta-Testers for New Render Farm Tool, Nimbus

We have a new blender render farm technology and we’re looking for beta-testers: Nimbus

This is different from other render farms in that it allows you to run your own farm in the Amazon cloud.

And it’s cheaper than traditional render farms. A typical price would be $0.40 per hour.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download our software
  • Set up an Amazon AWS account
  • Upload your blend file, and our software will send your render jobs to the cloud for you.

We’ll set you up with a free 30-day trial if you contact us here.

and tell us your AWS account (so that we can authorize your free trial).

Please note that Amazon will still charge for use of resources. A typical cost would be $0.10 per hour, as seen here

Nimbus is available on both Windows and Linux.