Need better reference!

I have been looking everywhere for a front and side view reference for a character like this.
The jester/clown character in the background. Just something like a basic body shape that is similar to his. I have looked on these sites, thought I would find some anime spandex character. But no found nothing, looked through it all.
google images

So if someone know of some other site where I could look, or maybe could draw a basic body shape (front and side view) looking like the clown in the image I would appreciate it.:wink:

Btw, is it only me or is Blenderartist lagging? When I type this, every letter appear 1 second after I typed it. And it is only on this forum!!

It looks like a pretty standard biped character, you don’t neep to be that specific when looking for references to model off of. Just find a skinny male reference to model off of and get the asthetics from an orthographic view.

And that sounds like a browser/your computer issue

You think this will do? His feet are a little weird but his body shape is quite good, could probably use some tweaking.
And maybe it’s because I use google chrome that it’s lagging. If you know something better than the one above let me know.