Need Blender Artist Experienced in Rigging

Hi, want to talk to a Blender artist in Calgary or elsewhere, who could help me understand a rigging problem. I need someone who could create a short video explaining (detailing) how to setup a certain mouth rigging concept.

Please send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks.


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hello, the face rig is very very simple, look this tutorial is very good and very detailed

Hi, thanks for the link, but that tutorial is far too complex IMO. It doesn’t need to be. There is a much simpler way to rig a face. :slight_smile:

well, sorry but I thought it was very simple, IDO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH and had never done a facerig, and this tutorial helped me a lot, maybe there other ways, but hey, give it a chance, also on the same page is a tutorial of introduction, I did not see that I did this and it seemed fine.
C you until then, and for anything we are at your order.

Invest in Nathan Vegdahl’s Humane Rigging. It’s not a matter of learning face rigging, it’s about learning rigging (full stop). Study that, learn it well, and you’ll find very little to stump you in the rigging arena.

When I first looked at rigging, I thought I could knock it off in a couple of months. After all, I learned modeling in that space of time and texturing in a couple more months. But rigging (and I don’t think this is peculiar to Blender) consists of a few very basic ideas that, when you start layering and combining them, become very complex, very quickly. You have to understand the underlying ideas and how they work together. Then you need to plan your rigs. With the right knowledge (which Nathan imparts) you’ll be able to predict most rigging problems and fix them.

Give yourself at least a year to understand rigging.

Hi - I’m a Blender Artist in Calgary.
Good to know there are others in this city using blender!

Not too familiar with rigging, although I’ve completed rigging for a dragonfly (to the extent of being workable).