Need blender modeling / animation help for project

Hi there, I’ve been lurking around in the blenderartists forum for some time now, gleaning just enough knowledge from the awesome stuff here to begin some basic rendering and animation using Makehuman as the basis for my work. What I’m finding is that 3d animation and rendering is a hell of a lot of work, and its incredibly time consuming, time I’d rather spend coding and designing for my game, which is available here:

If you look at that (after waiting for the thing to download and run) you’ll notice its an isometric engine diablo clone-type (so far), multiplayer. I’ve done the initial character renders in blender, but now need to generalize what I’ve done to making several more types of characters, clothing, weaponry, in-game items, etc… The world will be asian (not chinese or japanese) themed, so we’ll be rendering some nontraditional stuff.

The game engine is a ‘paper-doll’ type, where we pre-render pieces of the avatars in blender, then composite them as needed for 2d rendering in game.

So what I was wondering is if anybody here is interested in taking my initial blender efforts and extending them? If you are willing to learn more about this, please contact me with a pm., for more information both ways. I don’t have much money since its a personal project, but I do have a limited budget.

Thanks for your time!